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    Monday, 26 September 2011

    Ideas of the Week: Week 4

    Week 4: 17 September - 23 September, 2011

    just sharing my ideas, findings and activities in one page at the end of each week... you might have been busy this week, not being able to see all the materials I've shared online during the week...

    the weekly update "Ideas of the Week" allows the readers to browse through my stuff in one go... I'll summarise all the blog activities of mine in and Wordpress... would also compile all my best shares through Twitter.... and in this compilation would be a summary of my micro-blog in Tumblr.... my photos in Flickr would also be shared along with any other online activities....

    BIG NEWS!!
    Ideas_R_Bulletproof is now officially a commercial effort!!

    this week had been a particularly special week for me, as I've finally been able to launch my commercial venture on people photography.... there's a Facebook Page now dedicated to this business.... my wife would be partnering me in this effort..... from now on, the weekly updates would also contain activities from this page....

    My blog posts on

    a very intimate work; something very personal..... one picture; thousand memories....

    on assignment..... this time its just a follow-up session..... previously we did a session with the same family.... back then it was a maternity photo-session..... but this time, it was a newborn session with Nuzhat..... just a follow-up.....

    this was a session planned long ago, but my laziness kept me from making this a reality..... at last we did it...... child or brainchild??

    My Tumblr micro-blog:

    this is no political office..... the confusing facade of a state-owned bank in Dhaka....

    please don't squeeze!!.... an observation of simple human behaviour....

    history of the ruins.... exactly what we don't want our city to look like....

    waiting for the festivals..... on the coming weeks that would contain some of the most colourful events....

    looking for that look..... on the interesting use of celebrity endorsements...

    you start off where I finish..... a remembrance from an old photowalk at Dhanmondi...

    the human touch..... evidence of human spirits everywhere....

    what could go wrong??..... on some of the unsung heroes of aviation....

    My Twitter shares:

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    Photo of the Week.....I'll come up with a single photo from all my shoots out of the whole week and feature it here.... this week, its my favourite shot from the photoshoot with Lamisa.....

    the wise child!!

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