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    Sunday, 18 September 2011

    Ideas of the Week: Week 3

    Week 3: 10 September - 16 September, 2011

    just sharing my ideas, findings and activities in one page at the end of each week... you might have been busy this week, not being able to see all the materials I've shared online during the week...

    the weekly update "Ideas of the Week" allows the readers to browse through my stuff in one go... I'll summarise all the blog activities of mine in and Wordpress... would also compile all my best shares through Twitter.... and in this compilation would be a summary of my micro-blog in Tumblr.... my photos in Flickr would also be shared along with any other online activities....

    My blog posts on

    last blog from Rajshahi tour..... exploiting some gel filters, in playing with gels....

    I'm getting spoiled by the quality light from the Ranger + 50cm x 120cm softbox combination... spoiled by the light....

    strobist on assignment..... Siffat and Arafat's brilliant couple expecting.....  more of a matter of time....

    My Tumblr micro-blog:

    under the shadow of freedom?..... on the waning respect people are showing to our iconic monuments..

    washed in whites!!.... remembrance of a photowalk at kashbon one year back....

    banana time!!.... on the abundance of banana cultivation in some parts of the country....

    Chalan Beel..... life in one of the most unique places.....

    this is no noticeboard!..... weird facade in the City of Dhaka....

    hanging life..... some risky practices in transports in Dhaka....

    the human touch..... evidence of human spirits everywhere....

    suffocated!!..... the growing difficulties of living in Dhaka....

    My Twitter shares:

    Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia... Travel Photo of the Week -- National Geographic

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Leopard Ascent by Morkel Erasmus

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Elephant Sunset by Brendon (@#!/AP_Adventures)

    The Dazzling Colors and Shapes of Cactus in

    Creating Beauty in the Mundane: Great Photos of Park Benches in

    Magnum Photo of the Week: FRANCE. Hauts-de-Seine. Parc de Sceaux. 1987 by Josef Koudelka

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Tides Melody by Rui Vieira

    9/11: The 25 Most Powerful Photos - LIFE Magazine

    Magnum Photos Today's Pictures: Fashion Week

    Girl on Swing, Bangladesh – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    Magnum Photos Today's Pictures: Classic New York

    Earthshots Photo of the day: That Magic Place by Roberto Bertero

    The photographer who sits outside of @BHPhotoVideo everyday with his Polaroid by lightenupshoot

    Wedding Photography – 21 Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers from DPS

    Colosseum lights - National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 - National Geographic

    Scott Kelby : National Geographic Guest Blog featuring Joe McNally

    Climbing Wall, Singapore – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    800mm lens output!!... Earthshots Photo of the day: Bear Necessities by Stephen Oachs

    Sun Storms Trigger Sky Shows: National Geographic

    Ballerina, Kazakhstan – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    Light & Composition: Volume Three, Available Today From L&C Online Store | Light and Composition

    A Joyous Dusk by Kamrul Hasan pho2circle Photo of the Day

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Victoria Falls by Brendon (@#!/AP_Adventures)

    Photo of the Week.....I'll come up with a single photo from all my shoots out of the whole week and feature it here.... this week, its my favourite shot from the photoshoot with Siffat and Arafat..... a huge thanks to them....


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