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    Sunday, 4 September 2011

    Ideas of the Week: Week 1

    Week 1: 27 August - 02 September, 2011

    just thought about sharing my ideas, findings and activities in one page at the end of each week... you might have been busy this week, not being able to see all the materials I've shared online during the week...

    the weekly update "Ideas of the Week" will allow the readers to browse through my stuff in one go... I'll summarise all the blog activities of mine in and Wordpress... would also compile all my best shares through Twitter.... and in this compilation would be a summary of my micro-blog in Tumblr.... my photos in Flickr would also be shared along with any other online activities....

    My blog posts on

    a lighting tutorial related to technical problems faced in group portraits of Depth of Field, speedlites and recycle time....

    the same blog post on Wordpress

    food photography on Eid Day.... food and Eid: no confusion; great combination!!

    more food photography on the second day of Eid-ul Fitr.... more food, more lessons.....

    lots of portraits on Eid Day.... setup, pose, click!!... & calculate lessons...

    My Tumblr micro-blog:

    cotton clouds!!..... on the lovely skies of Autumn

    Eid Mubarak.... moon sighting effort on the eve of Eid-ul Fitr

    photowalk.... a short history of photowalk in Bangladesh

    the craved moon??..... on the first moon of Shawwal

    first colours!!..... the first colourful skies of this Ramadan

    friends..... a tribute to the friends who helped me to become me

    losing a Messi..... on the upcoming visit of Argentinian football team to Bangladesh

    Kamalapur characters..... on the people who live at Kamalapur Railway Station

    the last Jum’a prayers of Ramadan.... on a typical prayer day of Ramadan on the street

    My Twitter shares:

    Just announced: Steve McCurry is the first winner of the newly created Leica Hall of Fame Award

    this one really touched me.... Bangladesh-India border: Border of Impunity: Felani is not the last

    Magnum Photos Today's Pictures: Last chance for the beach!

    Backcountry Skiing Squaw Valley, California.. Extreme Photo of the Week -- National Geographic

    superb 18-yead old photog!!.... Earthshots Photo of the day: Scandinavia by Benjamin Hill 

    Easter Procession, Spain – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    Double-Decker bus, London, England... Travel Photo of the Week -- National Geographic

    Lightning, Utah-Arizona Border – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    talk about photographing dogs?? :).... Magnum Photos: Dog Days of Summer

    Earthshots Photo of the day: A Stolen Moment by Mitchell Krog

    “Sky Lines, The Wave” by Jim Goldstein

    wonderful work with long exposure!!... “Racetrack Light Lasso” by Jim Goldstein

    this is what I call landscape photography!!... “Grand Monsoon” by Dan Ransom

    Dawn, Baghdad – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    50-year old time capsule!!!... Vintage Exposed Film Found in an Auction

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Out of the Blue by Harry Haruki Otoi

    Vintage Effect in Under a Minute in Photoshop: Digital Photography School

    War photographer Peter Van Agtmael at Magnum In Motion event at Milk Gallery... very involving writeup on the event...

    The New York Times posts a story on war photographer Joao Silva: "This is What I Do: This is All That I Know".... touching pictures...

    Magnum Photos pictures on Wind.... excellent compilation on a single theme

    Earthshots Photo of the day: The Color of Thunder by Michael Anderson by Michael Anderson

    Low-Key Photography for Beginners – Enter the Dark Side on

    Autumn Landscape, Adirondacks – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    Where We Live by Steve McCurry... a wonderful compilation of pictures on the theme "home" by the master photographer

    Monk, in Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Cypress by Krzysztof Browko

    Night Photography Tips from Digital Photography School

    Muslims travel to hometowns ahead of Eid al-Fitr on MSNBC Photoblog

    Yellow Birch, Adirondacks – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Explosion of Lavender by Graham McPherson

    Taslima Akhter documents struggle of Garment Workers in Bangladesh by The New York Times

    My Flickr photos:

    Photo of the Week.....I'll come up with a single photo from all my shoots out of the whole week and feature it here....


     superman!!.... [Kamalapur Railway Station, Dhaka, Bangladesh]

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