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    Sunday, 17 October 2010

    dragging shutter.........

    15 October 2010
    Rajshahi, Bangladesh

    I actually started to like the city the moment I stepped there..... Rajshahi doesn't have the hustle and bustle of busy and polluted Dhaka.... it may not have all the facilities that you get in Dhaka, but who says you will need all of those there?.... its a much more peaceful city..... and city that makes one from Dhaka stay there.... anyway, I started to plan things right after my arrival there.... even though my arrival was a bit later than we planned, my wife made sure that things went as smoothly as possible..... it was a very hectic first evening at Rajshahi.... but a really enjoyable one....

    we arranged for a sort of a barbecue on the roof at the dead of night.... and while that was going on, we did some sort of a night-time portraiture there.... the idea was to give sort of an environmental feel to the picture, rather than making a bland portrait..... I had quite a few subjects for the night, as my in-laws were really appreciating the slow and geeky effort!!..... they stayed with me even though the last shot was not finished before 2:08 AM!!

    model: proma

    model: upoma

    I dragged shutter to include the lights in the distance and their reflections on the water-tank right beside..... an this long shutter also brought a fluorescent light in the back window come into play..... I also faced a tungsten light on the roof, which showed up as a result of the long exposure... this was adding some ghost to the image.... so, I replaced it with a flash with warm gel..... also added a hair light, which wasn't placed properly enough to really make an impact.... the key light was in an improvised 2'x2' softbox on overhead booms.... the whole setup was clumsy, but it worked..... couldn't get enough space to place a reflector under the subject..... and didn't have a fourth flash to use as fill from below.... relocating the hair light to be used as a fill light didn't really materialize.... anyway, it needs a bit of touching to reduce the shadows now....

    could've done the whole thing through some composite image..... combining several shots..... well, thats not actually my job..... I just want this done in go or I won't do it at all.....

    Camera info:
    Nikon D700 + Nikkor AF 20mm f2.8D + SU-800 TTL trigger; on tripod
    f11, 20sec, ISO200
    Strobist info:
    1 SB-900 in an improvised 2'x2' softbox overhead subject; held with the help of improvised booms.
    1 SB-600 on tripod as hair light behind subject.
    1 SB-900 on tripod with warm gel filter behind subject on camera right
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