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    Monday, 18 October 2010

    a day of goodbye........

    17 October 2010
    Rajshahi, Bangladesh

    my busy days at Rajshahi were about to end.... a sad time actually, since we had such a wonderful time with the family and the life here in this city is so different from the busy and dirty Dhaka.... would've stayed back if I could.... the hospitality and friendliness of the in-laws were truly amazing.... this tour would surely remain in memory.....

    we didn't have any program for the day, as we were to start our journey by train in the afternoon by around 4:00PM..... I planned some shoots at home with my "available" models.... there were quite a few and they were very much willing to give their time.....

    I made some serious error regarding ISO settings.... the night before, I was shooting at Puja Mandap with available light, using auto ISO.... forgot to change the setting next day for Elinchrom Skyport.... I now know that once the Elinchrom is on top of the camera, the camera doesn't know that flash is being used, thats why the camera starts to set ISO level considering available light only...... a big lesson for me..... of course, with the SU-800 on the camera, the camera shoots at the lowest ISO unless told specifically to change ISO....

    model: bornona
    Camera info:
    Nikon D700 + Nikkor AF 20mm f2.8D + Elincrom Skyport radio trigger
    f18, 1/200sec,ISO6400 (didn't notice it was at that level!! :O)
    Strobist info:
    1 SB-900 with warm gel filter, on improvised boom stand, around 8-9ft high, around 15-20ft away, triggered with Elinchrom Skyport radio trigger

    model: niloy
    Camera info:
    Nikon D700 + Nikkor AF 70-210mm f4-5.6D + Elinchrom Skyport radio trigger
    105mm, f8, 1/200sec. ISO 6400 (didn't notice it was at that level!! :O)
    Strobist info:
    1 SB-900 shooting through a 2'x2' diffusion panel, held overhead with the help of three improvised booms, triggered by Elinchrom Skyport
    1 SB-900 with warm gel, on tripod behind subject, triggered in SU-4 mode (optical trigger from the other strobe)
    1 white reflector held below the subject's face clipped to the boom stand

    the last shot was a group shot..... I had planned so much for this.... the rooftop was a superb place for this.... but the weather simple wasn't helping us..... it rained quite a bit and made me set-up everything indoors..... was quite a bit cramped up within the room, trying to cover so many faces at the same time and getting to light everyone's face properly..... I wish I could be in the group shot, along with my child.... but it wasn't to be..... a better weather might've give this better opportunity....

    Camera info:
    Nikon D700 + Nikkor AF 20mm f2.8D + SU-800 TTL trigger
    f8, 1/125sec, ISO200 (auto ISO chose the lowest setting)
    Strobist info:
    1 SB-900 overhead, shooting through a 4'x4' diffusion panel, all held by three improvised boom stands
    1 SB-900 from right in front, on table, shooting through a 4'x4' diffusion panel, parked on the floor almost vertical
    used the lens correction feature in Photoshop CS3 to correct distortion created by 20mmm wide angle lens

    same setting as above, but no need for perspective correction

    anyway, it was the end of a lovely time...... and it also reminded me of what is to expect within a day..... office, that is!!! :(
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