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    Friday, 27 August 2010

    simulating daylight.......

    27 August 2010
    Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    I've tried this kinda shot at Baliati as well during the last photowalk there in May 2010.... now, I can try to replicate this once again.....

    it was a gloomy day.... just rained.... and there was hardly any sunlight, let alone harsh sunlight... I put an SB-900 on a tripod in the balcony and triggered it with the help of Elinchrom Skyport radio trigger.... put a warm gel filter on the flash to simulate late afternoon sunlight..... the grills on the window did the rest..... I just wished I could place the flash a bit further from the window, but the size of the balcony restricted this.... I had to be happy with this.....

    Nikon D700 + Nikkor AF 50mm f1.4D
    1/30s, f8, ISO400
    Strobist info:
    Nikon SB-900 with warm gel filter on tripod, triggered by Elinchrom Skyport @ 1/2 power
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