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    Friday, 27 August 2010

    Lamisa's moments with waterdrops......

    27 August 2010
    Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    it was an instant decision to do it..... Lamisa was under the shower and this is something that I've not captured yet... previously I've captured Lamisa in the water-bowl.... but its been a while since then..... so, its time to update.... she's growing up and making her way up the ladder..... it wasn't just she who loved the moment, we all drowned in that short moment of joy and excitement....

    now, the geeky stuff..... I wanted the water-drops to feature prominently... and required the stopping power of a flash.... I put on an SB-900 on the camera and relied on its excellent TTL capabilities.... I even brought the shutter speed down to 1/40s to see where it goes..... anyway, I would've loved to get the background as less prominent as possible... lets see, may be next time..... :)

    Nikon D700 + Nikkor AF 50mm f1.4D + Nikon SB-900
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