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    Monday, 3 October 2011

    Ideas of the Week: Week 5

    Week 5: 24 September - 30 September, 2011

    just sharing my ideas, findings and activities in one page at the end of each week... you might have been busy this week, not being able to see all the materials I've shared online during the week...

    the weekly update "Ideas of the Week" allows the readers to browse through my stuff in one go... I'll summarise all the blog activities of mine in and Wordpress... would also compile all my best shares through Twitter.... and in this compilation would be a summary of my micro-blog in Tumblr.... my photos in Flickr would also be shared along with any other online activities....

    My blog posts on

    just trying to emulate Philippe Halsman's Dali Atomicus..... lets do a Halsman in the digital age!

    another crazy shoot idea came up.... this time, with Lamisa's shower.... the first part of the shoot.... do u bring the studio to the shower or vice versa??

    the second part of the shoot...... the shower flick continues!!

    and the third and last part of the shower flick..... curtain falls on the shower flick!!

    My Twitter shares:

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Over the Edge by Robert Beideman

    Nove Mlyny, Czech Republic – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    Boy With Balloons, India – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Explosive Sunrise by Brett Nickeson

    White Lions, South Africa– National Geographic Photo of the Day

    5 Elements of Composition in Photography in DPS....

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Sierra Summer Storm by Jesus Sousa

    34 Effective and Emotive Barbed Wire Photographs from

    Magnum Photo of the Week: Brigitte, Mime and Hysterical Society, USA. Bisbee, Arizona. May 19, 2011

    Rhine Falls, Switzerland – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Lake Maurepas by Evgeny Vasenev

    Hot Air Balloons, Cappadocia – National Geographic Photo of the Day

    Machinery As You Have Never Seen It from

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Concealment by Russell Johnson

    Blacktail fawn - National Geographic Photo Contest 2011 - National Geographic

    one of the best links I've seen!!.. 35 Magnum Photographers Give Advice to Aspiring Photographers

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Crushed Ice by John and Tina Reid

    Earthshots Photo of the day: Mount Bromo Sunset by Helminadia

    Photo of the Week.....I'll come up with a single photo from all my shoots out of the whole week and feature it here.... this week, its my favourite shot from the photoshoot with Lamisa.....

    a modelling contract that came a bit too early!!

    Ideas_R_Bulletproof - a commercial effort!!

    on location portrait photography based on unique ideas.... 
    promotional season going on... limited offer!

    contact: +88-01711055524

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