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    Thursday, 10 March 2011


    04 March 2011
    Golapganj, Sylhet, Bangladesh

    one of the first attempts to do some shooting at Golapganj was to use the World Cup Cricket theme.... anyway, by the time we could get geared up, the match between Bangladesh and West Indies had already begun.... and the way the match progressed, our mood to do some pretty shooting vanished without a trace..... the little buddies toiled hard to decorate themselves in green and red..... but unfortunately, they were disappointed in a very big way..... I needed to do something to cheer them up.... and if I say that I also wanted myself to find some fresh air, I wouldn't be lying....

    I wanted to portray a defiant mood after a great debacle.... I knew that one match isn't the end of the game for us.... and it is our team that we are supporting, not someone else's..... and while you support your team, you gotta know that its your team whether they play well or not.... you just have to live with it and be positive.... be hopeful..... because hope is the thing that keeps us alive..... hope is the thing that makes us sit in front of the TV even after a great debacle..... we don't always say that in words, but deep in our minds we're always hopeful; we're always defiant.....

    model: meem
    Nikon D700 + Sigma APO 150mm f2.8 EX DG HSM Macro
    one SB-900, camera right, on voice-activated lightstand (proma) triggered with Elinchrom Skyport shooting through a shoot-through umbrella
    one SB-900 on ground behind subject triggered with Elinchrom Skyport
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