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    Monday, 28 March 2011

    Day Four: BIF-3...... counting hours.....

    28 March, 2011
    Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    its been truly a wonderful week.... we now come down to the point that some of us are all familiar with..... its coming to an end..... its really tough to let go.... difficult to believe that there won't be another adda at Drik on Wednesday.... I pass Drik regularly..... I would miss that glorious banner in front of Drik sporting the faces of 71 enthusiastic TTL-ers..... it was a heart-filling experience seeing this event in action..... a gallery full of photo enthusiasts and visitors....

    I was privileged to receive Nigel, who came in Bangladesh flying in from the UK to see the Gorai Bridge at Kushtia, which his father built many years ago as an engineer..... he came here with his brother and a friend, who also showed his passion for photography..... spending the evening with them explaining the splendid contents of this exhibit was a great experience.... their nice company made the evening a worthwhile one for me.... it was an honour representing Bangladesh in front of the guests.....

    it was already evening when I arrived at Drik.... and when Nigel and company left the scene, it was almost closing time..... but I can hardly write a blog without a photo..... my plan on the eve of the opening day was to take portraits of the photographers with their photos on their lap..... well, for some unknown reason, the project didn't really happen.... I thought it was time to do that at least for once.... I picked up Ronie Amin.... apparently an unusual choice for a subject.... there are people like Avik Bhai, Tinku Bhai or Sadia, who would always attract photographers.... but there are some others who always slip through that net of attraction.... they almost remain invisible in front of other photographers..... I decided to pick him..... he was more than happy to bring his photo from the ground floor to do this.... his enthusiasm made my day..... we got a photo....

    From BIF-3, March 2011

    D700 + 20mm 2.8 + Elinchrom Skyport
    f7.1, 1/60sec, ISO 100
    Strobist info: SB-900 triggered by Elinchrom Skyport, on camera right, above subject, (held by Zaim) shooting into a white collapsible reflector (held by Kamrul)

    Zaim released his fantastic promo on BIF-3 on Youtube today.... lovely work by a very dedicated TTL-er.... great creativity.... enough to heat up the spirit!!

    the last day would make everyone sad.... :(
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