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    Monday, 20 September 2010

    Kaash bon whites......

    17 September 2010
    Aftab Nagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    "kaash" had always been one of my favourites, especially since picking up photography... I've tried several times to capture the beauty of these seasonal flowers in frames.... I got a stint with them at Jahangirnagar University once and again, Bashundhara Residential Area ..... the first one was in September 2008 and the next one in October of the same year.... this is the season.... Autum is blessed by their beauty and a lot of creative poeple lost their mind trying to describe their uniqueness.... I also lost my mind several times, not being able to decide how I could do justice to them.....

    anyway, this was yet another photowalk organised by TTL... and who else organised it other than Shudipto?..... the photowalk was actually planned inside Banasree Housing, but we crossed the dividing canal to end up within the boundaries of Aftab Nagar Housing...... it was a short gathering, yet very productive in terms of photography.... I was scared a bit when I saw the rain clouds.... but the rain stayed away during the golden times of the afternoon sun.... and thats what mattered.... I had a couple of fantastic models with me, who would love to pose in front of my lens..... we kinda stayed away a bit to have some private time as well.... there were almost too many participants in the photowalk whose direct presence in front of us might've ruined my child's nice day out...... Lamisa enjoyed it to the full and so did we..... and the natural light was so good that I didn't have to touch my lighting kit, which I had to tug along with the help of my teammates.....

    some challenges were there.... electric poles did their best to ruin pictures.... I was lucky to get some nice vantage point there..... but the limited spread of the "kaash" restricted my frames... I used a rather shallow DoF to utilise the light conditions and limited backdrop...... I started with a 20mm and then switched to a 50mm lens..... ended again with the 20mm..... I almost exclusively shot @ f2.8.... somehow, that aperture seemed right.... anyway, here are some of the outputs that I liked.... :)

    and this one was taken my buddy Tahmid Munaz..... :)
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