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    Sunday, 12 September 2010

    food, glorious food!!!

    11 September 2010
    Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Eid Day!!...... usually Eid-ul Fitr is more of an Eid of food and guests at our place.... I've documented home-made food bonanza for the last several Eid Days..... but never really concentrated in it or gave enough time behind it..... this time round, I got my strobist stuff going and I just had to push this one..... my family members were also co-operative enough...... we kept ourselves from eating the delicious stuff for, I don't know, may be 20 minutes or so!!

    here's the geeky stuff..... I used two SB-900s here.... one as a back-light; direct, but with the diffuser on....... the second as the fill-light; beside the camera; with the diffuser on; shooting vertically towards the white ceiling..... both were firing TTL and were on tripods...... the trigger was the SU-800..... used a 50mm 1.4 for shallow depth (shot @f2.0; also experimented quite a bit) and 70-210mm lens for perspective flattening (shot @180mm f5) on D700..... shutter speed varied between 1/125s-1/200s, not to include any ambient light actually, but to compensate for longer focal length balance..... anyway, it didn't anyway, as I had the stopping power of the flash.... ISO was kept at 100....

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