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    Friday, 9 April 2010

    Have we forgot their sacrifices already?

    27 March 2010
    Martyred Intellectuals Monument, Rayerbazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    me and Gazi Bhai went to Martyred Intellectuals Monument at Rayerbazar the day after Independence Day.... it was a morning photowalk sort of visit....... early morning face of the Monument is always very interesting and totally different from afternoon.... this is one of several times I went there with a camera.... and every time I was able to take some different photos.....

    we spent some time there gossiping and also clicked a few.... the thing that really shook me there was the attitude of visitors.... it was a real pity that most of the visitors there didn't have any idea about the main purpose of the Monument..... people were walking or resting on the altar where wreaths are usually placed....

    I asked myself if this is the situation of our national pride less than 40 years since independence, what would we see another 50 years down the road??..... if the population becomes forgetful of their own origin, who takes the blame for letting it happen??....... someone has to take the responsibility for this mess!!..... but I'm sure that the kind of incompetent leadership that we have become used to seeing since our independence, is incapable of taking the blame on their own shoulders....

    under whose provided freedom do you relax??
    under whose provided freedom do you relax?? [Rayerbazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh] (by Ideas_R_Bulletproof)
    the spirit of liberation has to live on throughout generations...... generations that haven't seen blood; generations that have enjoyed the freedom without earning it.... its a tough challenge for the leadership; but its the difference between having an identity and not having one.......

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