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    Monday, 11 June 2012

    "Under the Same Sun"..... on-location couple photo-shoot offer

    We are not typical portrait photographers. We also don't offer typical location couple shoots. We are here to show relationships; to tell stories. This particular offer, "Under the Same Sun", tries to tell stories of relationship through on location dramatic portraits. Locations give a lot to the mood of photos. And the story-telling adds drama and action to the otherwise typical on-location photos. We have heard too many words from people that their photos don't look good. Well, leave that to us! Trust us and just follow us in our journey as we take you through the story of your own lives. Create and experience the moments of your own relationship that you will cherish for the rest of your lives!

    See details of this offer below. 

    We talk to our clients, get to know them, their characters, and their relationships before we can work out our ideas. We would share our ideas with our clients before the shoot, so that they can visualise what we are up to. Keep enough time for such a session (Option A: 2-4 hours; Option B: 3-5 hours; Option C: 3-6 hours). Duration of the shoot can be negotiated depending on special circumstances and availability of time.

    Session Fees:
    Option A: BDT 10,000/- for one location
    Option B: BDT 15,000/- for two locations
    Option C: BDT 25,000/- for three or four locations

    a) One session with the above details. Its the time cost for the photography team along with cost of the on-location studio setup and equipment.
    b) This session fee does not include the product deliverables, which are described below.
    c) For other details, please see the "Location for the Shoot" section below.
    d) Also see the "Booking and Payment Procedure" section below. 

    Viewing Session:
    This is a free session. Usually this is around a week after the session when the client would be able to see the photos in their digital format and choose the photos they like for the product deliverables.



    Photo-products* are not part of the session fee. Our photo-products start at BDT 2,000/- and goes up to what your mind desires (well, almost)!! Our photo products are ready to be hung on the wall or displayed on your desk or to be carried with you anywhere. These are the ultimate outputs that you take away from the sessions that you do with us. We invest time and effort to bring to you some of the most attractive photo products available in Bangladesh. We custom design the products to make them unique. Our innovation is continuous to come up with the most unique photo items. For some business reasons we do not post photos of our products online. So, to learn more about our products, please call us: +880-1711-055524.

    *digital photos are more like digital negatives.... you have to process them to see them in their ultimate form... that processing is not done during the session.... the photographer or someone else will give hours behind that effort in digital darkroom... cost of photo products include cost of processing, cost of designing products (which are ready to be hung on the wall or displayed on desktop or printed on the pages of a finished coffee table book), and cost of printing, framing, and other costs..... the photographers give their time and let you get the facilities of a professional studio setup for a session fee (you don't have to spend millions to set it up yourself)


    Location for the Shoot:
    a) We are an on-location photography team. Depending on the theme of the shoot, we may be shooting indoors or outdoors. 

    b) We would select outdoor location(s) based on the characters of our subjects and the theme chosen for the photos.
    c) If the shooting location is outside Dhaka, client would arrange transportation facilities for them. Ideas_R_Bulletproof team and their equipment would be transported in own vehicle and the cost of that would be paid by the client.
    d) If an away-location suggested by client requires some exclusive usage permission, it has to be arranged by client.
    e) If an away location suggested by client requires some permission charge or usage charges, it would be paid by the client. 

    f) We do not suggest locations that cannot be covered within a day. We would discuss location details with client before finalising the session.


    Booking and Payment Procedure:
    a) Just go to this link and follow instructions or give us a call at +8801711-055524.
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