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    Monday, 6 December 2010

    a small gift.....

    05 December 2010
    Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

    I had some opportunity to do some shoot with Toma before.... she has a great face for camera..... short sessions, but productive..... one of the best things with in-laws is that you can always ask them to feature in front of the lens.... and they just do as told.... anyway, this time it was a bit different, as Toma was no longer alone.... she was with her life-partner, Liton.... I missed their marriage ceremony, but was privileged to get the opportunity to have them together in a frame.... and this session would also remain in memory for long, as they plan to fly to Australia after some days..... it was a gift to them..... God bless the new-married couple!

    this was basically the first time I had done a photoshoot with a couple since becoming a strobist.... the challenges were many..... the subjects were no models; so had to instruct a lot.... sometimes, banked on some spontaneous moments..... has decided to use basically one light to illuminate them...... the Simpex 50x120cm softbox played the real trick.... the idea was to use the softbox as a strip-light.... the control of light with this modifier was superb!...... I was using this modifier for the second time..... the first time was during the graffiti shoot (check the last post)...... but that time, it was without the diffusion material..... the Elinchrom Ranger was the power source..... somewhat below 200w/s power...... used an SB-900 at 1/4 power with a DIY grid as a hair-light (in SU-4 optical trigger mode) on an improvised boom stand.... the light didn't really feature that much when I was shooting both of them..... I did some practice shots with Toma where the hair-light was good enough though..... well, lets see, need to improve upon this a bit..... and on another point, perhaps a reflector on the opposite side would've added a little bit more highlights on the shadow side.... but hey, perhaps another day..... I'm still learning!!

    I was using f10 on the venerable 28-80mm lens for good enough depth..... to keep two people sharp was a bit of a challenge.... at f10, the SB-900 was a bit underpowered at 1/4 power..... that was probably one of the reasons why the hair-light wasn't featuring much...... the grid reduced it further..... it was a bit of necessity as I didn't want the hair-light to create flares on my lens...... I didn't want to push the power more, as I also wanted to keep a bit of recycle time in my hand.... and ultimately that little recycle time produced the images I wanted....
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